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Administrative law

Public law– a set of branches of law regulating matters related to the provision of public and national interest.

Administrative law – a set of legal norms through which the state regulates social relations arising in connection with the practical implementation of the executive power.

The specialists of Kalashnikov Law Office will consult and provide you with legal support on the whole range of issues related to the administrative and public law of the Republic of Estonia and the EU.

Our lawyers will provide you with quality legal support and legal assistance in such areas of law as:

  • Administrative law, public law
  • Tax legislation for private persons
  • Migration law, reception of citizenship or residence permit
  • Cases of misconduct, administrative fines and penalties
  • Conduct of affairs with state or municipal institutions
  • Rights and obligations of citizens, constitutional rights, human rights
  • Public international law

NB! Legal consultations on administrative and public law issues are held by preliminary appointment only in the Kalashnikov Law Office, either by phone or e-mail.

Kalashnikov Law Office will provide you with quality legal support and legal assistance on any matter related with the administrative and public law.

If you want to schedule a counseling session with a lawyer, you can fill out the appropriate form on our website, you can also call 677 55 44 or send a letter to the e-mail address:

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