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The law does not care about the little things

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Statements of claim and other legal documents

Kalashnikov Law Office specializes on the drawing of statements of claim and further support of the client’s case in an extrajudicial/pre-judicial and judicial proceedings

Often, the drawing of legal documents requires deep knowledge in the field of law, moreover, there are certain forms and style of such documents which have developed in legal practice.

Our specialization:

  • Statements of claim, responses to statements of claim, counterclaims
  • Appeals, petitions, official letters
  • Complaints, declarations, claims, requests, permissions

So, for example, when considering the letter of claim, it is easy to recognize the “handwriting” of the lawyer. Such a letter drawn up by citizens who do not have legal experience, may be taken lightly, at the same time, if the judicial perspectives are weak, an experienced lawyer can draw up a claim that will cause a proper reaction and give a positive result in resolving your situation.

Our office has experience in dealing with both Estonian government institutions and businesses, non-profit organizations and private persons in extrajudicial/pre-judicial and judicial proceedings.

We will provide legal support in conducting of the cases with:

  • Courts, Department of Consumer Protection, Labour Inspectorate
  • Health Insurance Fund, Unemployment Insurance Fund
  • Police and Border Guard Board
  • Various ministries and state institutions of the Republic of Estonia, municipal institutions
  • Embassies and consulates of foreign states
  • Insurance companies, retail and wholesale points
  • Commercial associations, warranty and repair services
  • Apartment association

NB! Legal consultations on issues related to the drawing of claims or other legal documentation are held by preliminary appointment only in the office of Kalashnikov Law Office, either by telephone or e-mail.

If you want to schedule a counseling session with a lawyer, you can fill out the appropriate formon our website, you can also call 677 55 44 or send a letter to the e-mail address:

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