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Company in Estonia | Corporate services for non-residents

Our law office specializes in registering companies in Estonia and selling ready-made companies. For non-residents interested in setting up a business in European Union, we offer the services of opening new companies and buying shelf companies.

Portfolio of our services also includes legal address and contact person services, financial accounting, commercial and tax consulting, bank accounts opening and legal support for businessmen who want to establish a company in Estonia or are already actively conducting their business activities here.



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We are the licensed registrar of companies and the provider of virtual office, legal address and contact person services. The office has a state license issued by the Police and Border Guard Board. Our license number is FIU000144.


Company formation in Estonia can be a great tool for business optimization. In addition to being able to communicate with government institutions, banks and other entities and receive business services in English, the advantages of starting an enterprise in our country are:


Our bureau recommends that consideration be given to incorporating or purchasing limited liability company, or LLC (est. Osaühing, or OÜ) as a shelf corporation, because LLC is the most common and convenient form of ownership among Estonian firms and is suitable for any type of business.

The main actors of the LLС are its shareholders (participants) and members of the management board (directors). The shareholders are the owners of the entity and they own shares in the statutory fund (authorized capital) of the LLС. Shareholders have the right to participate and vote at general meetings, as well as to receive dividends from the results of economic activities. The latter elect the members of the management board among themselves or recruit them from outside. Board members manage the commercial organization, deal with current business issues, and also represent the interests of the enterprise to third parties (customers, partners and contractors).

The main advantages of choosing LLC as a corporate form for registering a company in Estonia include the following:

*The authorized capital can be deposited in cash to a bank account, by a non-cash contribution or payment may be deferred for an indefinite period

If necessary, our specialists will also advise you on the establishment of juridical persons of a different corporate form, such as a Public Limited Company (PLC), a Limited Partnership (LP) or a nonprofit organization (NPO).


It is easy to open a company in Estonia. The process of the company incorporation in the Commercial Register requires a minimum of effort and takes from 1 to 5 days. It is possible to set up a business in Estonia in the following ways:

Our specialists will give you an initial consultation, they will also prepare all the constituent documents necessary for the entity establishment, help you select and verify the corporate name, and choose a field of activity from EMTAK classifier; in addition, they will prepare the articles of association and advise on the formation of the authorized capital (deferred, cash or non-monetary contribution).


All the shelf companies offered for purchase are registered specifically for sale, have already formed authorized capital and did not conduct business activity. The process of sale and purchase of a ready-made company takes place at the notary, i.e. it is possible to buy the ready-made enterprise in person at the notary’s office, or remotely by issuing appropriate powers of attorney in the name of the our bureau lawyers.

During the process of re-registering a legal entity, changes are made to the composition of the shareholders and the management board. It is also possible to change the name, contact details and articles of association of the firm without any additional fee.


The prices for services for the establishment or purchase of ready-made companies are presented below; they depend on the method of filing documents in the Commercial Register.

Registration or purchase of a company in a notary office (in person or remotely by power of attorney)

Service / PackageBasicMediumFull
450 €
775 €
900 €
Registration of a new or sale of a ready-made shelf company without activity and history
Formation of the authorized capital
Preparation of documentation, organization and support of notarial procedure
Payment of notary fees, state fees and other procedural expenses
Legal address in Tallinn
Contact person
Carrying out the procedure without personal attendance by power of attorney

Company registration online using e-resident card (E-residency)

Service / PackageBasicMediumFull
100 €
290 €
640 €
Preparation of all necessary documentation and digital application for company registration
Payment of the state fee
Legal address in Tallinn
Authorized contact person

* The price of each package includes 1 hour of legal advice on the commercial law, the basics of enterprise management, recruitment and organization of accounting


Legal address and contact person

A mandatory requirement for all entities established or registered in the legal space of the Republic of Estonia is the existence of a local legal address. If there is not a single resident of Estonia in the board the necessary condition for such organizations is the presence of the contact person. If procedural documentation and third party declarations of intent must be delivered to the management board of the entity, it is possible to deliver these documents to the contact person, in case if it is not possible or is difficult to deliver the notice to the management board.
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Legal entities registered in Estonia are obliged to maintain accounting, including submission of annual reports (annual balance sheet) to the Commercial register. VAT payers submit monthly reports of turnover tax (KMD Declaration) and income tax (TSD Declaration) to the Tax and Customs Board. The cost of accounting services, as well as tax and corporate consulting is negotiated individually.
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Bank account opening

The legal environment of our country does not impose any restrictions on local enterprises in choosing a current account and payment service provider. Our office offers Estonian firms full support and consulting on opening a current account in local and European banks and payment systems. Our specialists will select the most effective and reliable solution for receiving and sending payments, taking into account the field of activity and the specifics of running your business.

Legal support and consulting

The lawyers of our bureau will advise you on the nuances of conducting business and the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and the EU, provide you with qualified support in the preparation and analysis of contracts and other corporate documentation, and, if necessary, represent your interests in out-of-court negotiations or court case management.

Licenses and permits to operate

Our bureau specializes in obtaining licenses and permits for various types of activities, including alternative investment funds (AIF), financial and crypto licenses. Our lawyers will advise you on the licensing of various types of activities in the territory of our country and the EU and, if necessary, will support you in obtaining the necessary permits.
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For individual advice on opening the company in Estonia, please contact our specialists by phone +372 6775544, or use the following electronic communication channels:

We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with high-quality legal support in establishing a business in Estonia.

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