De minimis non curat lex

The law does not care about the little things

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Law office

Kalashnikov Law Office is a law office which offers a full range of legal services for both private and business clients. The head office of our law office is located in the city of Tallinn, the Republic of Estonia.

Legal services

The lawyers of our law office offer consultations for clients and provide legal assistance in criminal, civil, family and commercial law, including the provision of services for the preparation of statements of claim, as well as representation and protection of the client’s interests in court.

Individual approach to each client and the desire to achieve only a successful result in solving any legal problem or task assigned to us, is at the heart of the work of our lawyers.

The team of our lawyers

Our law office is a professional and well-coordinated team of lawyers with many years of experience, where each employee is highly qualified and is a specialist in his field, and the education and skills acquired allow them to navigate freely in the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia, as well as in foreign and international legal systems.

Work principles of our law office

We value and respect our clients, and we always build the relationships on an individual basis, paying maximum attention to each person. The activity of our law office is always based on the principles of professionalism, complete confidentiality and availability of legal services.

In our work we adhere to the following principles:

  • Professionalism. Our lawyers have extensive experience in legal practice with a high percentage of positive decisions.
  • The maximum provision of information. The client always receives detailed information about his problem from our lawyers. If it can be solved in several ways, the client will receive detailed information about each alternative. If the chance of solving the problem in favor of the client is considered negligible, we will say it unequivocally. Having full information, it is always easier for the client to make the right decision.
  • Universality. The lawyers of our law office are not highly specialized professionals. At our law office, you can avail yourself of a variety of services and get answers to questions from various branches of law.
  • Informational openness. It does not matter whether we work with the client for a long period, or a client turns to us only for consultation purposes – the client can always contact a lawyer and find out detailed information on his case or clarify any additional questions that he forgot to ask during the consultation.
  • Ease of interaction. Our lawyers do not strictly adhere to the place and schedule of work. The staff of our law office can meet with the client in any place and at any convenient time. You can also communicate with us remotely.
  • Equal treatment. Our law office does not divide clients into important and not very important ones. All clients of our company receive the same high level of legal services, regardless of the complexity of the problem and the cost of our services.

Contact our lawyers

If you want to schedule a counseling session with a lawyer, you can fill outthe form on our website or contact us using the following communication channels:

Telephone: +372 6775544,
Mobile telephone / Viber / WhatsApp / Telegram: +372 82088888

Specialists at the Kalashnikov Law Office will provide you with quality legal support and legal assistance on any matter of interest to you.

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