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Bankruptcy proceedings towards an individual

Kalashnikov Law Office offers its clients a high-quality integrated service of legal support during bankruptcy proceedings towards the private person.

It sometimes happens that a person is no longer able to satisfy the claims of his creditors or feels that he will soon become the insolvent debtor. What to do? Where to turn for help when the reminders of overdue debts lay everywhere at home, and income is barely enough to cover one’s own needs? As a rule, there is only one way out of this situation – to declare bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy allows the failed borrower to “turn over a new leaf” – after creditors receive everything that the debtor will be able to pay them in one way or another, the debts of the borrower are canceled.

Each such situation is unique in its own way and requires only an individual approach, which is why the Kalashnikov Law Office strongly recommends that you make an appointment for a preliminary legal consultation with our specialists:

The specialists of Kalashnikov Law Office will provide you with the following services:

  • Hold with you a thorough legal consultation on this issue
  • Explain and discuss with you all the subtleties and nuances of this process
  • Explain to you all possible consequences of this process
  • Evaluate with you all the pros and cons, analyze the feasibility of this process in each individual case
  • Make a plan of further actions for you
  • Prepare all the necessary documents to start the bankruptcy process in court
  • Make an application to a court so the client can get rid of his debts to creditors
  • Provide you with comprehensive legal support throughout the process of declaring the private person bankruptcy

The companyKalashnikov Law Office will provide you with quality legal support and legal assistance on any issue related to the topic of private person bankruptcy.

If you want to schedule a counseling session with a lawyer, you can fill out the appropriate form on our website, you can also call 677 55 44 or send a letter to the e-mail address:

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