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Legal translation

Kalashnikov Law Office offers its clients the services of translation and certification of legal documents of any complexity:

We offer our clients the following translation services:

  • legal documents that do not require certification
  • translations certified by a translation agency
  • translations certified by a notary/sworn translator

Main translation languages: Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish and German.

Basic cost of translation services:

Вид услугиОбъёмЦена
Перевод документа1 стр. (1800 знаков)20 €
Перевод документа заверенный нотариусом или присяжным переводчиком.1 стр. (1800 знаков)45 €
Перевод регистровой карты фирмы (Б-карты)1 шт.50 €
  • Prices do not include 20% turnover tax
  • Order schedule time 1-5 working days

Company Kalashnikov Law Office will provide you with quality support on any issue related to the translation and certification of legal documents of any complexity.

If you want to order this service, you can fill out the appropriate form on our website, you can also call 677 55 44 or send a letter to the e-mail address:

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