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Family law

One of the main activities of the lawyers of the Kalashnikov Law Office company is a consultation, legal support, maintenance, as well as representation of the interests of its clients on issues related to family law and the relevant legislation of the Republic of Estonia and the EU.

Lawyer’s consultation on family law – EUR 70/hour.

Family law regulates non-property and property internal family relations.

Our lawyers will protect your rights and interests, and will provide quality legal support and legal assistance on such issues as:

  • Dissolution of marriage, annulment of marriage
  • Recovery, contestation, increase and indexation of alimony
  • Drawing of marriage contracts, drawing of wills
  • Division of joint property
  • Inheritance law, division of hereditary property
  • Rights and obligations of children and parents, custody rights, guardianship (more details)
  • Establishment of the order of communication between the child and the parent
  • Contestation of paternity, acknowledgement of paternity, the establishment of kinship

In case if negotiations of the parties reach an impasse, or one of the parties completely ignores its obligations – appealing to the court is the only way to resolve the conflict situation: in such a situation one cannot do without the qualified services of a lawyer.

Prices for the lawyer’s services and preparation of relevant documentation on family law are as follows:

Type of servicePrice
Legal advice on family law70 euro/hour
Alimonyfrom 200 euro
Divorcefrom 200 euro
Section of joint propertyfrom 300 euro
Establishment of the order of communication with the childfrom 300 euro
Restriction of child custodyfrom 300 euro
Establishment of guardianship, appointment of a guardianfrom 200 euro
Challenging or establishing paternityfrom 300 euro
Drawing up and certifying the marriage contractfrom 200 euro
Getting permission to marry150 euro
Representing and defending a client’s interests in courtfrom 200 euro
  • The minimum price of legal consultation on family law matters is the price of one hour of lawyer’s work, i.e. EUR 70.

Legal consultations on family law matters are held by preliminary appointment only in the office of Kalashnikov Law Office, either by telephone or e-mail.

The company Kalashnikov Law Office will provide you with quality legal support and legal assistance on any matter related with family law.

If you want to schedule a counseling session with a lawyer, you can fill out the appropriate form on our website, you can also call 677 55 44 or send a letter to the e-mail address: