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Kalashnikov Law Office law office offers its clients the following prices:

I. Consultations

Type of servicePrice
Legal advice (Family law)70 euro / hour
Legal advice (Civil law)90 euro / hour
Legal advice (Criminal law)120 euro / hour
  • The minimum price of legal consultation is the cost of one hour of a lawyer’s work.
  • On the basis of prepayment, remote consultation by telephone or via electronic communication channels is available

II. Drawing up of statements of claim and other legal documentation

Drawing up of other statements of claim, official letters, demands, petitions and complaints

Type of servicePrice
Drawing up a claim, appealing a decisionfrom 200 euro
Writing an official letter, complaint, petition or requirementfrom 120 euro

Drafting and analysis of contracts

Type of servicePrice
Drawing up a standard contractfrom 150 euro
Drawing up a unique contractfrom 250 euro
Analysis of the current contractfrom 100 euro

III. Sale of ready-made companies

A ready-made company is a limited liability partnership entered into the commercial register with the registered authorized capital, which has not started to conduct business activities and has no debts or other obligations.

Type of servicePrice
Sale of a ready-made company OÜ/LLC (at a notary)550 euro
Sale of a ready-made company OÜ/LLC (via ID-card)375 euro

IV. Registration, reorganization and liquidation of companies

Company formation using accelerated Digital method (via ID or e-residency card)

Type of servicePrice
Establishment of a Limited Liability Company via ID-card (OÜ / LLC)50 euro
Establishment of an individual entrepreneur FIE50 euro
Establishment of a limited partnership LP/UÜ50 euro
Establishment of a full partnership TÜ50 euro
Establishment of a non-profit association MTÜ / NPO100 euro


  • For the successful completion of the accelerated registration of the company, it is necessary to make sure that all the prospective founders and members of the board have a valid ID-card with the authority to sign (with PIN1 and PIN2 codes), as well as one of the founders must have funds in the bank account sufficient for the contribution of the authorized capital and payment of the state fee (not included in the price), and the daily limits of transfers established by the bank will not be exceeded.

Company registration in a notary office

Type of servicePrice
Establishment of OÜ/LLC for EU residents450 euro
Establishment of OÜ/LLC for non-EU residents650 euro

Establishment of a company for non-residents includes (the price already includes):

  • Legal address service for a period of 1 year
  • Contact person service for a period of 1 year

Registration of a company in a notary office is required if:

  • You are not able to sign documents with your ID-card
  • You want to contribute your authorized capital in non-monetary form
  • One or all of the founders/members of the management board of the registered company are non-residents of Estonia

Reorganization or liquidation of a company

Type of servicePrice
Company transformationfrom 250 euro
Mergerfrom 250 euro
Liquidation of the companyfrom 250 euro
Change of share capitalfrom 100 euro
Registration as a tax payer from KMKR / VATfrom 100 euro
Changes in the commercial name, address or charter of a company50 euro
Changes to the list of board members50 euro
  • The price of this service does not include payment of state fee and notary services

The size of state fees which are associated with the establishment and reorganization of companies

ServiceState duty
Establishment of LLC or PLC265 euro
Establishment of FIE, LP or GP 20euro
Establishment KÜ or MTÜ 20 euro
Making changes related to OÜ or AS in the commercial register25 euro
Making changes related to FIE, UÜ or TÜ in the commercial register4 euro
Making changes related to KÜ or MTÜ in the commercial register7 euro

V. Virtual office services

ServicePrice per year
Providing a legal address, receiving and forwarding incoming mail200 euro
Providing a contact person service in Estonia200 euro


  • The legal address for clients is the address of our company office – Peterburi tee 47, Tallinn 11415
  • Virtual office services are provided to the client only on the basis of the relevant agreement conclusion
  • Incoming correspondence is kept in the Kalashnikov Law Office company office for 3 months after the day of receipt

VI. Accounting and auditing services, declaration of a company or a physical entity bankruptcy

Accounting servicesfrom 60 euro
Auditing servicesfrom 120 euro
Liquidation of companyfrom 240 euro
Liquidation of company with payment difficultiesfrom 1200 euro
Sanitationby agreement
Bankruptcy proceedings against an company от 400 euro
Bankruptcy proceedings against an individual personот 240 euro

VIII. Translation services for legal and other documents

Type of serviceVolumePrice
Document translation1 ltr. (1800 symbols)20 €
Translation of a document certified by a notary or a sworn translator.1 ltr. (1800 symbols)45 €
Translation of a company register card1 tk.50 €

IX. Construction and real estate


Type of servicePrice
Legal advice on construction issues90 euro / hour
Contract development in the field of constructionfrom 120 euro
Legal analysis of the construction contractfrom 90 euro
Execution of an application for a permit for the construction or operation of the facility90 euro
Drawing up design and executive construction documentationfrom 1200 euro
Registration of a separate element of construction documentationfrom 180 euro
Putting available documentation into proper formfrom 60 euro
Settlement of construction disputesfrom 120 euro
Legal support of construction companiesby agreement

Real estate and home ownership

Type of servicePrice
Drawing up contracts for the sale or lease of real estatefrom 120 euro
Analysis of contracts for the sale or lease of real estatefrom 120 euro
Legal support in carrying out transactions of sale or lease of real estatefrom 120 euro
Estimation of the cost of an apartment180 euro
Estimation of the cost of the house / row house / cottage300 euro
Valuation of land300 euro
Valuation of office buildings and factory premisesby agreement

X. Insurance

PriceType of service
Consultation of law insurance90 euro/hour
Legal analysis of the insurance contractfrom 120 euro
Legal analysis of the insured eventfrom 120 euro
Legal support in receiving insurance paymentsfrom 90 euro
Legal analysis of the circumstances of the accidentfrom 120 euro
Legal assistance to road accident participantsfrom 90 euro

If you did not find the service you need – contact us and clarify the cost.