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The law does not care about the little things

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Licenses and permits to operate

In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, certain types of commercial activity involve pre-registration in the Registry of Economic Activities of the Republic of Estonia, or the need to obtain an appropriate license or permit to operate from the controlling authority (regulator). Filing of a notice of economic activity, or a petition for a license or permit to operate, is a procedure established by the legislation towards to the certain types of activity, requiring strict compliance with specific formal and material requirements arising from the relevant legal acts.

Our office is engaged in documenting of licenses and permits, as well as the filing of notices on the activities of all topical types of economic activities, including the matters of licenses for cryptocurrency (crypto-licenses) and financial licenses of various orientations. Our experts are always happy to assist you in obtaining the license or permit to operate you are interested in, or with the issue of filing the necessary notice of economic activity in the appropriate registry.

Licenses for cryptocurrency exchange (cryptocurrency licenses)

  • License for exchange of cryptocurrency and virtual currency against a fiat currency
  • License for the storage of cryptocurrency and virtual currency (cryptocurrency wallet)

Financial licenses

  • Currency exchange license
  • Financial institution license
  • License for office of payment
  • License for trust funds and commercial partnerships services provider
  • License for purchasing or wholesale trading of precious metals and gemstones
  • License for rendering services of the pawnshop

Other licenses, permits to operate and notices

If you are interested in obtaining licenses or permits, or filing notices about activities in fields related to the exchange or storage of cryptocurrency or other crypto-assets, as well as in the field of construction, cargo transportation, rental of labor or other fields of activity – please contact our specialists for preliminary consultation and discussion of the terms of further cooperation.

Contact us

If you have any questions or you are interested in the possibility of obtaining a license – please contact us using the following communication channels:

Telephone: +372 6775544,
Mobile telephone / Viber / WhatsApp / Telegram: +372 82088888

We will be pleased to answer your questions and provide you with high-quality legal support in obtaining the license or permit to operate within the territory of Estonia.

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