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Small Alternative Investments Fund (AIF)

The legal environment of the Republic of Estonia provides for the possibility of organizing the collection and attraction of investments, as well as further management of collective assets within the framework of simplified regulation of small alternative investment funds.

Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) is the most convenient structure for collective investment, in which investors’ assets are attracted for the purpose of their further use and placement in their interests in accordance with a predetermined investment policy under the direction of the company that managed the fund.

The best solution for collective venture capital investments and investing in stocks, bonds, derivatives, currencies, crypto, real estate and other financial assets.


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Our experience and competence enables us to introduce your investment project into the legal environment of the Republic of Estonia and the EU as soon as possible.


Registration of the Small Alternative Investment Fund within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Estonia provides certain advantages, which, among others, include:


For the functioning of the Small Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), two legal entities must be registered in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Estonia:

Fund Manager

is a commercial organization whose main activity is the management of one or more funds, i.e. the management of financial assets of investors in order to maximize profits with minimal risk. Small Fund Manager has the right to control several funds, but the total assets of the managed funds cannot exceed 100 million euros, or in case if the investments are made for long periods (from 5 years or more) and financial leverage (income gearing) is not used, then the total assets of the funds can reach 500 million euros.

Limited Partnership Fund (LPF)

is the easiest to register, simplest to manage and the most common legal form for the Small Alternative Investment Fund, also called a special fund. LPF, as a form of a legal entity, is a type of Limited Partnership specified in the Commercial Code of Estonia. The members of LPF are: at least one General Partner, whose role is most often assumed by the Fund Manager and at least one Limited Partner, i.e. investor.


In order for the fund to start operating correctly in accordance with the legislation of Estonia and the EU, it is necessary to go through the registration and permits obtaining process, which consists of the following stages:


Certain restrictions are imposed on the activities and certain details related to the process of offering the Fund units to investors.

In accordance with Estonian legal regulations, the Small Alternative Investment Fund does not have the right to publicly offer its units. At the same time, in accordance with the Law, the Fund’s offer is not considered public in the following cases (at least one of the following rules must be observed):


For individual advice on opening the Small Alternative Investment Fund in Estonia, please contact our specialists by telephone +372 6775544, or use the following electronic communication channels:

We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with high-quality legal support on Estonian financial legislation.

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