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Accounting services

We offer accounting services for small and medium size businesses.

Over the years of work, we have formed an accounting system, which is modern, convenient and understandable for clients. Our staff consists of certified accountants with many years of experience. We closely follow any changes in Estonian legislation and always keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of accounting.

There are transport companies, wholesale and retail points of sale, online stores and exchangers, restaurants, construction companies among our clients. In any situation, first of all, we always defend the personal and financial interests of our clients.

I. For non VAT obliged companies

*For companies that are not payers of turnover tax. (VAT)

Submission of the zero annual report (activity was not conducted)65 euro
Submission of the annual report (conducted activities)from 65 euro
Official employment of an employee in a company50 euro
Representing the interests of your company in NTD (departure and work hours)100 euro
Applying for a VAT number100 euro
Apply for an EORI number50 euro
Adding core assets to the firm’s balance sheet (up to 10 positions)50 euro

You can get information on issues related to any other accounting operations by telephone +372 6775544 or e-mail We accept telephone calls from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 19:00.

II. For VAT obliged companies and non VAT obliged comapnies (for all)

Contract for scheduled accounting services

The cost of accounting services under the contract depends on the number of monthly accounting entries, as well as hours spent on accounting.

The following table presents the prices for companies (налогообязанных) subject to taxation:

Postings, workers, watchesPrice per month
0-40 postings, 0-2 employees, up to 3 hours100 euro
40-60 postings, 0-3 employees, up to 5 hours150 euro
60-100 transactions, 0-5 employees, up to 10 hours200 euro
100-150 postings, 0-5 employees, up to 15 hours300 euro
150+By agreement

Immediately after the conclusion of the contract for scheduled accounting services, our chief accountant will be added to the Tax and Customs Board as a responsible accountant of your company. We will take care of all the accounting and submission of monthly reports.

Depending on the degree of your interest in the involvement of the accountant in the affairs of the company, we offer flexible terms of cooperation: from the full cycle of accounting services
up to the limited accounting, when you determine which functions will be performed by our accountant, and which functions you will perform yourself.

*We will be able to inform you about the final cost after a telephone conversation, correspondence or a personal meeting to establish the volume of monthly work.

You can get information by telephone +372 6775544 or e-mail We accept phone calls from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00.

III. Organization of accounting

High-quality organization of accounting and professional legal support are necessary conditions for successful business development. Formerly the services of experienced professionals were used only by large enterprises, but today such services are available even for small companies.

Kalashnikov Law Office offers its clients professional accounting support and services for enterprises and companies of different forms of ownership.

Our collective is a team of highly qualified specialists with a strong material and technical base, able to quickly solve all the most complex problems in the field of accounting, taxation, enterprise management and human resources.

We will take care of all the work related to the accounting of your company – starting from the collection of primary documents and accounting of cash transactions to communication with the tax authorities, as well as the preparation and submission of the relevant reports. Our experts will provide high-quality performance of all necessary operations related to accounting and taxation of your company in the shortest possible time.

Accounting services and accounting
Accounting services for enterprises include processing and sorting of information on cash flows of organizations in accordance with the legislation of Estonia and the EU. At the client’s request, management, accounting and tax registers are formed. Timely and full reporting for the tax department and other related institutions is prepared.

Preparation and submission of zero balance sheet
Zero balance sheet is the type of financial statement, which is prepared for the period of complete absence of commercial activity on the part of the enterprise. All enterprises are obliged to prepare and submit zero balance sheets, as well as to submit the relevant documents to the regulatory authorities within the deadlines established by law. Our experts are ready not only to draw the zero balance sheet, but also to carry out a rapid assessment of results of your company’s activity for confirmation of legitimacy of drawing up the zero balance sheet for your company.

Restoration of accounting
Accounting is a continuous process that needs to be restored if it is interrupted or not carried out properly. Restoration of accounting is a set of measures for restoration of the “neglected” accounting on the basis of newly created or existing primary documents, as well as bringing the accounting in the proper form in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Estonia and the EU.

Organizing of accounting
Proper organizing of accounting plays a huge role in the activities of the enterprise. It allows the chief to see his true financial and property status and make decisions that improve the efficiency of the use of his resources. Our specialists will prepare a high-quality organizational model of accounting based on the structure and needs of your company in accordance with the legislation of Estonia and the EU.

Consulting on taxation and accounting matters
Consulting on these issues helps to solve a number of important tasks, including the organization of the taxation process for minimization and optimization of tax payments, accounting in compliance with the requirements of current legislation, as well as the settlement of possible disputes with supervisory authorities.

Drawing of tax declarations
Tax declaration is an official documentary statement of the taxpayer on the income received by him, which is subject to taxation, for a certain period of time and on the tax discounts and benefits that apply. Tax declarations are a form of determining the amount of tax payable and control over the payment of taxes on the part of the tax inspectorate

Auditing services
The main purpose of the auditing activity is to establish the reliability of the financial statements of economic entities and the compliance of operations made by them with the regulations in force in the Republic of Estonia and the EU. This activity is aimed at reducing the risk of business of the financial statements users. During the auditing, the reliability of the client’s reports, the correctness of their preparation and the reality of the data provided in them should be established.

Kalashnikov Law Office will provide quality legal, accounting and organizational support to your company.

If you want to schedule a counseling session with a specialist, you can fill out the appropriate form on our website, you can also call 677 55 44 or send a letter to the e-mail address

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