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Accounting services in Estonia

All the legal entities registered in Estonia are obliged to maintain accounting. The main purpose of this requirement is to provide the public authorities with objective information on the company’s financial situation, business and economic performance, and cash flows.

Our Law Office offers accounting services for small and medium size businesses, including taxable and non-taxable companies. Our clients include trading, transport and construction companies, cafes and restaurants, online retailers, IT companies, start-ups as well as financial and cryptocurrency companies.


Our company provides its customers with a free connection to online accounting system, which enables you to invoice your customers quickly and conveniently, and gives you an informative overview of your company’s financial situation on a live basis.


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Over the years of work, we have formed an accounting system, which is modern, convenient and understandable for clients. Our staff consists of certified accountants with many years of experience. Our team is able to quickly solve all the most complex problems in the field of accounting, taxation, enterprise management and human resources. Our experts closely follow any changes in Estonian legislation and always keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of accounting.


We will take care of all the work related to the accounting of your company – starting from the collection of primary documents and accounting of cash transactions to communication with the tax authorities, as well as the preparation and submission of the necessary reports.

► Basic accounting services

Name of servicePrice
Preparation and filing of zero annual report (no activity was carried out)100 EUR
Preparation and filing of annual accounting report (activity was carried out)from 100 EUR
Accounting or tax advice50 EUR/h
Representation of the client’s interests at Tax and Customs Board100 EUR/h
Obtaining a VAT number300 EUR
Obtaining an EORI number100 EUR

► Monthly accounting service

The cost of accounting services depends directly on the number of accounting entries during the accounting period and on the nature of the company’s economic activity.

The monthly accounting service fee includes unlimited use of the cloud-based accounting software with invoicing function and a real-time overview of the company’s financial situation, as well as the right to get an advice on commercial law, accounting and taxation matters lasting no more than 15 minutes.

The price for the monthly accounting service is formed as follows:

Number of accounting entries per monthPrice
Up to 20 entries50 EUR
20 - 50 entries100 EUR
50 - 100 entries150 EUR
100 - 150 entries200 EUR
150 and more entriesIndividually

► Additional services

The prices of additional services provided as part of your monthly accounting service are specified below:

Additional servicePrice
Preparation and filing of form KMD tax return (VAT report)15 EUR
Preparation and filing of form VD tax return (intra-EU turnover report)15 EUR
Preparation and filing of form TSD tax return (income and social security tax report)15 EUR
Calculation of salary per 1 employee15 EUR
Calculation of travel allowance, leave allowance or sickness benefit per 1 employee15 EUR
Preparation and filing of a report to the Department of Statistics (Statistikaamet)30 EUR
Preparing and filing of a report to the Bank of Estonia (Eesti Pank)50 EUR

The cost of services provided outside the scope of monthly service may differ from the prices listed above. The cost of other accounting services is based on an hourly rate or as agreed separately.



The company is obliged to calculate the tax burden arising from its business activities in a timely manner and also file the necessary tax returns and pay the statutory taxes. The board of a company is responsible for organising the accounting, which can either keep the accounting itself, hire a full-time accountant or use the services of a company offering professional accounting services on an outsourced basis.

Accounting services for a company include processing and sorting of information on cash flows of organizations in accordance with the legislation of Estonia and the EU. At the client’s request, management, accounting and tax registers are formed. Timely and full report for the Customs Board, Commercial Register, Department of Statistics and other related institutions is prepared.


Preparing and filing an annual accounting report (business year report) is a mandatory requirement for all legal entities registered in Estonia. The annual report must comply with statutory standards and must include the annual accounting report and report on the activities.

The company must file the annual business year report to the Commercial Register within six months of the end of the business year. If the business year corresponds to the calendar year, the deadline for submitting the annual report is 30 June.


Tax report or tax declaration is an official documentary statement of the taxpayer on the income received by him, which is subject to taxation, for a certain period of time and on the tax discounts and benefits that apply. Tax declarations are a form of determining the amount of tax payable and control over the payment of taxes on the part of the tax inspectorate.


Advisory services

Professional consulting on taxation and accounting issues helps to solve a number of important tasks, including the optimization of the taxation process for the minimization of tax payments, organization of accounting in compliance with the requirements of current legislation, as well as the prediction and settlement of possible disputes with supervisory authorities.

Obtaining a VAT number in Estonia

Value Added Tax or turnover tax (VAT in abbreviated form) is a widely used form of taxation of goods or services in various countries of the world. In most cases, the value added tax rate in Estonia is 20% of the taxable value of goods or services.

The obligation to register as liable for turnover tax arises from the date when the taxable turnover of the company exceeds the amount of 40,000 euros since the beginning of the calendar year. If the taxable turnover has not yet exceeded the limit of 40,000 euros, it is possible to register as liable for turnover tax on a voluntary basis. In order to register as liable for turnover tax, the relevant application must be submitted to the Tax and Customs Board.

An entity registering as a VAT payer must be able to provide the Tax and Customs Board with proof that this entity is engaged or directly planning to engage in commercial activities and that a VAT number is required for their implementation. From the date of registration as as liable for turnover tax, the entrepreneur is obliged, among other things, to add VAT to the taxable value of goods or services, and to file monthly reports with the Tax and Customs Board (KMD tax return) and transfer the amount of value added tax payable to the state.

Obtaining an EORI number in Estonia

EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification System) number is mandatory for entrepreneurs engaged in foreign trade with third countries, for imports, exports or transit traffic.

The EORI number is used to identify legal entities when they carry out customs procedures at European Union customs posts for export, import or transit declarations. The Tax and Customs Board is responsible for issuing EORI numbers.

Registration of employees

Employment Register is a general state register of information related to employment relationships. The information contained in the register is the basis for determining the legal circumstances related to work and social guarantees, including health insurance, pensions and unemployment insurance benefits. The employer should register in the Employment Register all the natural persons whose employment creates a tax liability on the territory of Estonia, regardless of the legal form of the contract.

Our experts will help you to enter employee data into the Employment Register in a timely and correct manner, as well as keep your data up to date and amend existing records if necessary.

Salary calculation and accounting

The payment of salary and remuneration for the work done is a key element in the relationship between the employee and the employer. Employee benefits can be either fixed, such as wage or hourly rate payments, or variable, such as piece rate payments or percentage of sales payments. In addition to their basic rates, employees also receive leave allowances and substinence allowances, various increments and additional payments, bonuses and performance-based remunerations, and payments for certain qualifications or special working conditions.

Our experts will organize the correct recording of working time and performance of your company’s employees. We will take care of all the tasks associated with calculating salary and other payments to employees in your company, as well as calculating the tax burden in a timely manner and filing the relevant reports with the Tax Department.

Organization of accounting

Proper organizing of accounting plays a huge role in the activities of the enterprise. It allows the chief to see his true financial and property status and make decisions that improve the efficiency of the use of his resources. Our specialists will prepare a high-quality organizational model of accounting based on the structure and needs of your company in accordance with the legislation of Estonia and the EU.

Restoration of accounting

Accounting is a continuous process that needs to be restored if it is interrupted or not carried out properly. Restoration of accounting is a set of measures for restoration of the “neglected” accounting on the basis of newly created or existing primary documents, as well as bringing the accounting in the proper form in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Estonia and the EU.

Support of tax inspections

Our specialists offer advice services and legal support in resolving various tax disputes and other disagreements with the Tax and Customs Board. We will represent and defend the client’s interests both before the tax authorities of the Republic of Estonia and in court, as part of administrative litigation.

Auditing services

The main purpose of the auditing activity is to establish the reliability of the financial statements of economic entities and the compliance of operations made by them with the regulations in force in the Republic of Estonia and the EU. This activity is aimed at reducing the risk of business of the financial statements users. During the auditing, the reliability of the client’s reports, the correctness of their preparation and the reality of the data provided in them should be established


High-quality organization of accounting and professional legal support are necessary conditions for successful business development. Formerly the services of experienced professionals were used only by large enterprises, but today such services are available even for small companies.

For advice on accounting and taxation issues and a tailor-made price quotation, please contact our specialists by phone +372 6775544, or use the following electronic communication channels:

We will be happy to answer your questions and provide your company with high-quality accounting support in Estonia and the EU

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