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Preparation and maintenance of notary services

Kalashnikov law office offers services for the organization, preparation and maintenance of a notary deals and procedures, and also provides legal support on related juridical and technical procedures.

Kalashnikov Law Office is not a notary office and its employees are not notaries!

We provide our clients with support services in organizing and making notarial deals and procedures.

All the prices proposed by Kalashnkiv office include a fee for the notarial service, payment of possible state duty and costs for preparation and support of the notarial procedure from our office (excl. services on issues of inheritance and succession).

I. Real estate deals

Notary servicePrice 
Buying or selling real estate (drawing up the contract and certification of the transaction)from 125 euro
Encumbrance on a property with limited real rights (real and personal servitudes, right of development, pre-emption right, title and personal right of use)from 50 euro
Drafting and certifying the contract of donation of the property (the design of the gift)from 125 euro
Burdening the property with a mortgagefrom 100 euro
Removing a mortgage from the propertyfrom 50 euro

* To receive a personal price offer for the upcoming notarial procedure, please apply to the Kalashnikov Law Office employees
* In determining the cost of the service associated with the above-mentioned notarial procedures, the cost of the item or limited property law that is the object of notarial action, as well as the complexity of the upcoming notarial procedure, are taken as a basis
* The cost of service, in addition to the payment of the notarial costs and state duty, includes legal consultation, the preparation and organization of the notarial procedure from the lawyers of Kalashnikov Law Office

II. Inheritance and succession

Notary servicePrice
Notarization of the will50 euro
Acceptance by a notary public of a will in a sealed envelope50 euro
Notarial certificate of the counter will of the spouses60 euro
The initiation of proceedings in the hereditary case80 euro
Identification of heirs and certification of the certificate of inheritance125 euro
Conducting calling production35 euro
Certificate of application for inheritance80 euro
Certificate of waiver10 euro

* The fee for legal consultation and the organization of the notarial procedure by Kalashnikov Law Office in the amount of EUR 50 is added to the cost of the service

III. Family law

Notary servicePrice
Marriage in the presence of a notary in the notary office200 euro
Marriage in the presence of a notary outside the notary officeby agreement
Drawing up and certifying the marriage contractfrom 250 euro
Divorce in the notary office150 euro
Drawing up and certifying a joint property division agreementfrom 250 euro

IV. Commercial law

Notary servicePrice
Company formation (OÜ) 450 euro
Establishment of a non-profit organization (MTÜ) 450 euro
Sale or donation of a share in the company350 euro
Changes to the list of board members or company charter150 euro
Purchase and sale of shares in the company with changes in the list of board members450 euro

V. Other notary services

Notary servicePrice
Signature certification30 euro
Certificate of Power of Attorney (individual)50 euro
Certificate of Attorney (legal entity)100 euro
Document certification with apostille45 euro

* The cost of the service of signature certification or power of attorney certification does not include the service of preparation of the text of the document
* What is an apostille and in what cases it is necessary: you can read about ithere

VI. Additional services

Drawing up or updating the text of the power of attorney, consent or statement60 euro
Preparation of the text of the permission to leave the child abroad and certification of the signature of 1 parent75 euro
Preparation of the text of the permission to leave the child abroad and certification of the signature of 2 parents90 euro
Translation of the text, certified by a notary or a sworn translatorfrom 50 euro
Legal advice on inheritance, real or commercial law90 euro/h
Legal advice on family law70 euro/h

* Consent to travel or departure of a child abroad can be drawn up in Estonian, Russian or English. Additional information is available here

Additional information:

* Kalashnikov Law Office and its employees are not persons specified in part 2 of the Notary law (NotS).
* Prices for Kalashnikov Law Office services may differ from prices established in the Law on the payment for notary services (NotTS).
* All prices are illustrative and may vary depending on the complexity of the deal.
* A list of all notaries practicing in Estonia with their contact details is available on the website of the Notary Chamber.

You can book the time of the notarial deal or get additional information by calling (+372) 6775544 or by sending an e-mail

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