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Contact person service for legal persons and companies. For non-residents of Estonia

The contact person is required for all companies and firms where management board members (directors) are non-residents of Estonia.

The Commercial code of the Republic of Estonia provides that if the board of a commercial partnership (firm, company) which is registered in Estonia, is located in a foreign country, the commercial partnership is obliged to appoint a contact person to whom it is possible to deliver businessman’s procedural documentation and statements of will intended for the mentioned businessman.

Until recent times, for the companies where members of the board were EU residents, easing was in force and the contact person was not required, but currently, according to the amendments to the Commercial code of 15.01.2018, the contact person is also necessary for those firms and enterprises whose members of the board are residents of other member states of the European Union.

Main function of the contact person

The main function of the contact person is to provide an uninterrupted channel of communication with the board of the enterprise. In the case of delivery of procedural documentation or statements of will to the contact person, the relevant procedural documentation or expression of will is to be considered as delivered to the businessman.

Who can be appointed as a contact person of the firm?

According to the Commercial code, only a notary, a notary office, a lawyer, a law office, a sworn auditor, an audit organization, a tax representative of a non-resident within the meaning of the Taxation law, or a person offering the services of trust funds and commercial partnerships, as specified in Article 8 of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act, may be appointed as a contact person.

We offer contact person service by Kalashnikov Law Office

We are a licensed Registrar of companies, as well as legal address and contact person service provider. We have a state license issued by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board for providing services to trust funds and commercial partnerships. Our license number FIU000144.

The cost of the contact person service is EUR 200 per year.

If you have any questions or you are interested in receiving the service of a contact person – please contact us by telephone +372 6775544< / b>, or use the following communication channels:

Mobile telephone / Viber / WhatsApp / Telegram: +372 82088888

You can get acquainted with the amendments of the Commercial code of 15.01.2018 by reading the thematic article.

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