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Duties of the child in relation to parents (Family law of the Republic of Estonia)

The lawyers of Kalashnikov Law Office remind you that the children, in addition to all kinds of rights, also have duties in relation to parents and the family as a whole that arise from theFamily law of the Republic of Estonia:

Article 113. Duty to provide mutual support and to reckon with each other. The parent and the child must support and respect each other and respect each other’s interests and rights.

Article 114. Duty to help the parents. If a child lives with his/her parents and is brought up or maintained by them, he/she is obliged to assist the parents in the management of the household in a manner appropriate to his/her abilities and capabilities.

Article 115. Expenses of the child in the household. If an adult child living with his/her parents makes the costs for expenditures on the household at the expense of his/her property, or cedes a part of his/her property to the parents for this purpose, it is assumed that he/she made the cost not with the intention to demand for the reimbursement from the parents.

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