De minimis non curat lex

The law does not care about the little things

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Heirs of the first order according to the law

The heirs of the first order, in accordance with the law, are the descendant relatives of the testator.

If, at the time of the testator’s death, the descendant relative of the testator is alive, the descendant relatives of that relative who are related to the testator through him, are not called on to inherit.

The place of the descending relative who died before the testator, take the descending relatives who are related to the testator through the deceased descending relative.

If the testator and the heir die on the same day and it is not possible to determine which one of them died earlier, they are considered dead at the same time. In this case, neither of them shall be the heir of the other, and the provisions of part 3 of this article shall apply.

The children of the testator are heirs in equal shares. Children who take the place of the deceased parent inherit in equal shares the part of the inheritance that would be due to their deceased parent.

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