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What should you pay attention to when selling or buying a garage?

The lawyers of Kalashnikov Law Office remind you that when preparing for and carrying out the deal of purchase and sale of the garage, first of all, pay attention to the following circumstances:

  • Whether the garage is part of the joint property with the spouse or is a separate property of the seller. In this case, the decisive role is the time of garage purchase by the seller. If the garage was purchased outside or before the marriage, it is the personal property of the seller, if purchased during the marriage, it is likely to be the part of the joint property (excl. is the presence of a marriage contract or a regime of separate property) and for the alienation of the garage the notarized consent of the spouse is required.
  • Whether the garage (garage box) is a separate object of real estate, separately entered in the land register, or is the part of the garage partnership/co-operative (est. garaažiühistu or hooneühistu). In the first case, proof of ownership of the seller is a valid extract from the land register, and in the second case – the internal documentation of the partnership and the corresponding confirmation from the chairperson of the garage partnership.

In any case, the deal of purchase and sale of the garage is associated with certain legal and organizational difficulties and nuances, therefore, the most correct decision is to entrust the preparation of the deal to the specialists. Our lawyers have many years of experience in organizing and conducting the real estate deals.

The cost of organization and preparation of the purchase and sale deal of the garage, worth no more than EUR 10 000, by lawyers of our company, is EUR 150.

The price includes legal advice, preparation of all necessary documentation, booking a convenient time at the notary’s, notary fee and state fee.

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